rarejob 2012/11/21





[Lesson] Article Discussion

[Tutor] Rogelyn

[Today's Article] 

UK Government Miscalculates Budget for Higher Education Policy



UK Government made 2 incorrect estimations.

(1) underestimation of university charges and fees

(2) overestimation of graduates future earnings

The govement have no way to gain more money

(1) tax increase

(2) reduced budget for higher education

(3) keep number of student low

(4) past students should repay more


[New Expressions]

I didn't have any incidents today.

did you do anything fu today?

everything is clear.

I'm out of rarejob for a long time.


[New Words]

budget 借金じゃないよ予算だよ

substantial ...being large in term of amount values

repay = pay again

rut = negative 

fall into a rut